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ICGC adds executive director to its team

Assalamo Alaikum Dear ICGC Community,


I am writing on behalf of the board to share some great news. Inshallah, ICGC will be having an executive director start on 10/1/17.

Over the last three years we have had a tremendous focus on strengthening of infrastructure at, alhumdolillah, our outstanding institution, the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. This critical work has included enhancements to our facility with major renovations and improvements as well as investment in our most valuable resource, our people.

We were blessed to be able to bring Sheikh Hossam Musa on as our Imam June 2016. This was a crucial need for the spiritual needs of our community. In addition, we have been able to enhance staffing for administrative, accounting, youth and Rahma Social Services.

In this staff infrastructure, the missing lynchpin has been an Executive Director to oversee the non-spiritual aspects of our very active facility and community. Alhumdolillah all of your support, financial and volunteer, has enabled us to find a very talented candidate for this position.

I would like to thank the search team consisting of Nazim Fazlani, Samina Sohail, Faris Ghani, Faiz Sherman, Aman Ahmed and myself.

The Executive Director will be reporting directly to the board, as does our Imam.

We will be setting up opportunities for you to meet him in a number of meet and greet opportunities. In the meantime, below is ICGC Executive Director, Tammam Alwan. Please let us show our ICGC community hospitality and welcome Br Tammam when you meet him.


Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Tammam Alwan has been active in local mosques, youth groups, and non-profit organizations since high school, working with them in different capacities on the local, state, and national levels.

He graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities via the Triad Program while focusing on History, Religious Studies, and Arabic Language and Culture as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic from the College of Arts and Letters in addition to a Muslim Studies Specialization from the James Madison College of Public Policy.

He has studied abroad at Alexandria University in Egypt and privately in Damascus and Istanbul where Tammam was an English lecturer at Istanbul University’s Divinity School.

As a public speaker, educator, and community developer, he is deeply vested in the interests of the American Muslim community and a strong believer in the necessity of outreach and interfaith dialogue.

Tammam is always looking for ways to grow and develop non-profit organizations by enhancing their productivity and organizational efficiency, increasing their positive impact on the community, and promoting their development both in terms of buildings and programs as well as spirituality and sense of community.


Shakila T Ahmad

President of the Board

Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati

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