New To Islam

If you recently accepted Islam as your way of life or are returning Muslim, you have come to the right place. The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) supports new Muslims in many ways, especially by offering classes and educational materials. There are weekly Sunday sessions (from 12 – 2 pm) to teach, discuss and build connections with New Muslims or those returning to Islam.

Contact the ICGC office to request one-on-one learning or group Q&A sessions.

Click on the following links for presentations on different topics about Islam:

    1. Glossary of Islam
    2. Islamic concepts, beliefs and practices
    3. The concept of God in Islam
    4. Belief in Allah’s Divine Books
    5. History of Islam
    6. How Islam views other religions & How Muslims should interact with non-Muslims
    7. Does religion improve our lives? Is religion relevant today?
    8. Basic Principles of Belief (Eiman)

Additional presentations available upon request