A Pure Heart with Dr. Haifaa Yunis

Pure Heart

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Join us for an inspiring event in Cincinnati, hosted by the ICGC Education Team and Miftah Institute. We’re excited to welcome esteemed speakers Dr. Haifaa Yunis.

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📅 Date: June 2nd 📍 Venue: ICGC – GYM

The state of one’s heart plays a vital role in a believer’s overall well-being, influencing both their thoughts and actions. As a result, believers are encouraged to continuously strive to purify their hearts on their spiritual journey, aiming to enhance the significance of their actions for Allah SWT.

Don’t miss our session with the renowned Dr. Haifaa Younis on June 2nd in Cincinnati!

🔑 Key Takeaways:

▪Identify the signs and symptoms of various spiritual diseases

▪Understand the psychological dimensions and perspectives of spiritual diseases and their cures

▪Gain knowledge on the Islamic approach to spiritual healing and transformation 🌅

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