Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati


The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) offers several activities that are especially planned for our teens and younger children, making the Center a relevant and inspiring place for them.

Who we are

Our activities are meant to entertain, accelerate learning, inspire social service, and grow our children into productive members of society. By staying connected to the masjid and the Center, children establish a healthy self-esteem as American Muslims who can make many positive contributions to their world.

Our Vision

To Create a best in class Muslim youth organization that inspires our youth to be leaders who are connected to the Creator and creation.

Our Mission

We instill holistic Islamic values to Muslim youth by providing fundamental teachings and leadership tools in a “constructive” fun, inclusive and safe environment.

Core Values

God Conscious, Empathetic, Learners and Inclusive.



Every year we recognize our well rounded team of youth board and youth counselors to appreciate and showcase their efforts to the broader community.

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This conference aims to reach the broader youth community with a new theme each year. It is designed to empower young Muslims, nurture a hospitable environment, address issues the youth are facing and hopefully leave feeling a strong rejuvenation of their faith. This enriching experience consists of Islamic speakers, entertainment, hands-on activities and so much more!

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Throughout the course of the school year, we offer Friday Night Programs for boys and girls which is a multilayered program consisting of youth counselor led groups, Islamic discussions, hands-on learning, workshops, games, field trips and so much more.

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During this spiritual month, our youth strive for personal and spiritual growth through overnight youth Qiyams, Fajr challenges, community Suhoors and Iftars and charitable events.

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We offer a number of themed week-long camps during the summer. Each camp has a variety of activites relating to the theme in addition to offering Islamic learning.

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Our team constantly works to offer new, exciting and trending events for the broader youth community at ICGC. Check out our gallery to see all the amazing programs we’ve done!

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