Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC)

Funeral Arrangements

“To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.”

At the time of calamity the following steps can be helpful for making the funeral  and burial arrangements  for the deceased:

  1. As soon as death occurs in the family someone must call Spring Grove Funeral Home (513-853-1037) OR Mueller Funeral Home (513-398-9100), and they will make arrangements to remove the body and take to the Funeral Home.
  2. Make a call to Br. Tanveer (513-779-3611) or Br. Alvi (513-706-8470) or Br. Serry (513-309-6202) or Br. Asif (513-748-9424) for help. Br. Imtiaz (513-861-2154) or Br. Basil (513-201-7196) Br. Abdul Saboor (513-203-7252) for male Jinazah and Sr. Hafiza (513-871-3477) or Sr. Wardha Safdar (513-260-9342) or Sr. Adila (513-371-1521) for female Jinazah will assist for preparation of the body for burial.
  3. Make a call to the Islamic Center (513-755-3280) and let them know about the death and Jinazah arrangements for prayers. The Center needs a directive from the family whether they would like an announcement made to the community. Announcements can be emailed to:
  4. Schaefer-Busby-Mooney OR Mueller Funeral Home will make arrangements with Crown Hill Cemetery for burial and provide information about the total cost.
  • The current breakdown of the cost will be as follows:
  • Spring Grove/Muller- Burial Package = $1750.00
  • Opening and Closing of Grave = $1500.00
  • Cost of Burial Space = $850.00
  • Donation to ICGC (Includes Kaffin Cloth) = $200.00
  • Total = $4,300.00*

*The total cost for burial services are subject to change from time to time and the amount must be paid to the Funeral Home at the time of the service.

This total does not include additional overtime charges as follows:

Saturday Burials: 9 AM to 12 Noon Additional cost of $100.00/ per burial

12am to 3PM – $ 300 per burial-(Triple charges on Sundays or after 3:30 PM on any other day).

Note: It is the responsibility of the family to wash the body for burial preparation. The funeral home will be able to assist in this process. Imam Musa (513-724-4626) will also be helpful.


Funeral Homes for Islamic Burial

  1. Mueller Funeral Home
    6791 Tylersville Rd.
    Mason, OH 45040
    Funeral Director: Jack Mueller
    513-398-9100 office
    513-300-1224 cell
  2. Schaefer-Busby-Mooney
    3464 Central Pkwy (Clifton Chapel)
    Cincinnati, OH 45223
    Funeral Director: Christian Speth
    513-853-1035 or 1037 office
    513-903-6933 cell
Islamic Center Burial Space

Crown Hill Memorial Park
11825 Pippin Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Phone: 513-851-7170


Contact us to work with you as best as we can. Our team members are here to help.