IWS Curriculum

Arabic& Quranic Studies Curriculum:

We’re pleased to announce that this year the IWS collaborated with Dr. Eman Elshahed, Mada Albayan Educational Services founder. Mada Albayan is an organization dedicated to providing a majority of education services, one of which is teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers.

The new Curriculum will be applied

From KG to Level 4 will focus on 3 Aspects:

    • Quran Memorization and Tafseer.
    • Arabic Stories and sight words.

From level 5 to level 7 the main focus will be on:

    • Quran
    • Tajweed Rules
    • Tafseer

This year we will be using the interactive website: Alef Baa Taa with no additional charges for our students.

Islamic Studies Curriculum:

This year we will be focusing on:

    • Character Strength (Manners)
    • Aqidah (Islamic Beliefs)
    • Fiqh (Ritual of worship)
    • History (Prophets)
    • Sirah (Prophet Muhammad))