Muslim Girls Teen Club

The Muslim Girls Teen Club (MGTC) is aimed for young female teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. MGTC is a local youth group organized by local Muslim families who aspire to make a difference in the future of their teens. The MGTC was founded in 2011 with goals to merge our female youth together for one cause, increasing our love to Allah SWT while combining life adventures, love for each other, and having fun the halal way. In addition to that, other objectives include:

Helping the youth preserve their Islamic Identity.
Fostering healthy bonds between the young participants.
Creating a nurturing environment to provide the youth with needed skills to prosper in their future endeavors.
Empower the youth Islamic values and help them adhere to Islamic teachings.
Educate our youth of their civic rights and duties and help them give back to the community by engaging in community services events and projects in the Greater City of Cincinnati.

The MGTC is divided into two groups to narrow the focus of their interest based on their age. The first group, currently being led by Shaymaa Minkara, includes girls in the ages of 13-14, while the second group, currently led by Alaa Minkara, includes the ages of 15-18.

Both groups have a bi-weekly study group following a certain curriculum every year, with occasional guest speakers and fun events. There is an activity organized and conducted by the youth group in each meeting. Throughout the year, the club organizes volunteering and other social outings in order to meet the objectives noted above.