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This page features several Greater Cincinnati businesses offering services and products you may find useful. The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) does NOT endorse, recommend, or  promote any of them. We shall not be held accountable for any damage or dispute resulting from the use of any of these services. It is the responsibility of the consumer to do their due diligence in researching businesses before utilizing their services.

Affiliated Organizations

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) often collaborates with a number of different organizations. Below are links to a few of them. The contents and opinions on these sites are the responsibility of their owners and are not necessarily shared by ICGC.

  • Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
    ISNA aims at becoming an exemplary and unifying Islamic organization in North America to help provide a better quality of life for Muslims in North America. According to its mission, “ISNA is an association of Muslim organizations and individuals that provides a common platform for presenting Islam, supporting Muslim communities, developing educational, social and outreach programs and fostering good relations with other religious communities, and civic and service organizations.”
    Visit ISNA
  • Muslim Youth of North America
    MYNA was founded in 1985 by a determined group of youth to organize programs at ISNA conventions and conferences. MYNA’s vision aims at “Empowered Youth, with Awakened Minds, Inspired Hearts, and Enlightened Actions.”
    Visit MYNA
  • ING
    Islamic Networks Group (ING) is a non-profit organization that counters prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history and cultural diversity, while building relations between American Muslims and other groups.
    To find out more about ING, visit
  • Islamic Council of Ohio
    The Islamic Council of Ohio (ICO) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 to serve the interests of Ohio’s Muslim communities. Its mission is to unite  Ohio’s Muslim communities and promote understanding of Islam. .
    Visit ICO
Regional partner organizations include:
  • YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
    The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
    Visit YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
    United Way leads and mobilizes the caring power of individuals and organizations to help people measurably improve their lives.
    Visit United Way of Greater Cincinnati
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
    Freedom Center aims at combating modern-day slavery by learning from the past and embracing past heroes who fought for freedom. Its mission states: “We reveal stories about freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps for freedom today.”
    Visit NURFC
  • The Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue at Xavier University
    The Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue at Xavier University is dedicated to providing space and opportunity for dialogue about the critical issues of our age. It is founded upon the belief that the paths that lead to solutions to our most serious problems will emerge out of dialogue. Interreligious dialogue remains the distinguishing characteristic and integrating factor but in order to truly address the critical issues, the conversation must also include the other academic disciplines, representatives from the business community, government and civic society
    Visit Brueggemann Center at Xavier University

Cincinnati Points of Interest

Cincinnati is a beautiful city with an expanded metropolitan area. The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) resides in West Chester, north of Cincinnati, and serves the entire Greater Cincinnati area. Cincinnati hosts a diverse culture and attracts professional talents for work and life.

Cincinnati is characterized by the following key features and attractions:
  • The Cincinnati Reds professional baseball team; The Cincinnati Bengals football team
  • Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
  • Procter & Gamble world headquarters
  • Kings Island amusement park
  • Newport Aquarium
  • Kentucky Speedway (host of the NASCAR Sprint Series)
  • Belle of Cincinnati or the River Queen riverboats for dining or a sightseeing tour on the Ohio River
  • North America’s largest Oktoberfest celebration
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
For more information on Cincinnati and its surroundings, visit these links:


Al-Madina Market & Grill

Adress: 2 West Corry Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 751-4676

Bengals Fish & Meat

Adress: 11974 Lebanon Rd, Sharonville

Phone: (513) 769-1343

Crescent Market

Adress: 7831 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, West Chester

Phone: (513) 777-0040

Darou Salam African

Adress: 4158 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 681-6321

Halal Market

Adress: 7755 Tylers Place Boulevard, West Chester

Phone: (513) 777-2555

Jerusalem Market

Adress: 300 Northland Boulevard, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 771-8888

Restaurant Depot

Adress: West Mitchell Avenue, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 542-3000


Adress: 8438 Vine Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 821-1300


Hassan Kassem Contractor

Adress: ,

Phone: 513-351-5368

Swad Kviek Contractor

Adress: ,

Phone: 513-885-8746

Rashid “Earl” Contractor

Adress: 3743 Bonfield, Cincinnati

Phone: 513-309-6405

F&K Contruction Contractor

Adress: ,

Phone: 513-388-6813


Magdy Abouella Auto Body/Oil

Adress: 8645 Cincinnati Columbus Rd, West Chester

Phone: 513-759-5706

Sultan Floor/Handyman

Adress: ,

Phone: 513-259-3661

Saeed Adood Autocare

Adress: 3998 Montgomery Road, Norwood

Phone: 513-731-4808


Masjid AsSahaab

Adress: 1233 Vine St, Cincinnati

Phone: 513-639- 6352

Clifton Masjid

Adress: 3668 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati

Phone: 513-221-4003

Covington Masjid

Adress: 1416 Garrard Street, Covington

Phone: 859-491-5986

Florence Masjid (IANKY)

Adress: 8020 Action Blvd, Florence

Phone: 513-616-3462

Islamic Center of Mason

Adress: 999 Reading Rd, Mason


Cincinnati Islamic Center

Adress: 2570 Gobel Ct, Cincinnati

Phone: 513-481-4372

Greater Cincinnati Islamic Ass.

Adress: 1 Mulberry Ct, Cincinnati


Masjid Abu Bakr

Adress: Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati



Adress: 6070 Branch Hill Guinea Pike, Milford

Phone: 513-575-0413

West Chester Masjid (ICGC)

Adress: 8092 Plantation Dr, West Chester

Phone: 513-755-3280

Miamisburg Masjid (DMS)

Adress: 2277 Maue Rd # 100, Miamisburg

Phone: 937-247-0350

Dayton Masjid (ISGD)

Adress: 26 Josie Street, Dayton

Phone: 937-228-1503


Yousuf Javaid


Phone: 513-891-6610

Iqbal Kaukab


Phone: 513-252-6123

Fadia Rawas


Phone: 513-549-5226

Navine Eldesouki



Mohammad Asghar


Phone: 513-850-6799

Nader Allan


Phone: 513- 494-4144


Rayya Restaurant

Adress: 28 East Court St., Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 471-1378

Sultanês Mediterranean

Adress: 7305 Tyler's Corner Drive, West Chester

Phone: (513) 847-1535

Taza Grill

Adress: 2518 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 399-9979


Adress: 8438 Vine Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 821-1300

Tikka Grill

Adress: 8231 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, West Chester

Phone: (513) 777-3237

Twin Dragon

Adress: 7763 Tylersville Road, West Chester

Phone: (513) 759-9777

Victory Bakery

Adress: 9536 Cincinnati Columbus Rd, West Chester

Phone: (513) 755-8470

Al Amir Caf?

Adress: 326 8th St., Cincinnati 45202

Phone: (513) 721-9299

Ali Baba

Adress: 139 W Kemper Rd, Springdale

Phone: (513) 671-0111

Al-Madina Market & Grill

Adress: 2 West Corry Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 322-3674


Adress: 8179 Princton Glendale Rd, Beckett Ridge

Phone: (513) 889-4088

Caf? Mediterranean

Adress: 7454 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 232-2400

Chaska Grill

Adress: 7743 Tylersville Road, West Chester

Phone: (513) 779-3900

Chatauex Beirut

Adress: 7835 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 777-0022


Adress: 11936 Lebanon Rd, Sharonville

Phone: (513) 956-5678

Darou Salam Restaurant

Adress: 4410 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 681-3663

Haci Grill

Adress: 7334 Tyelers Corner Drive, West Chester

Phone: (513) 438-0008

Hook Fish and Chicken

Adress: 5000 Reading Road, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 242-5888

Istanbul Caf?

Adress: 628 Vine Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 421-5100

Kaddai Indian

Adress: 9536 Cincinnati Columbus Rd, West Chester

Phone: (513) 777-9777

Laziz Grill & Bakery

Adress: 7755 Tylers Place Boulevard, West Chester

Phone: (513) 777-2555


Adress: 341 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 442-2233

Mediterranean House

Adress: 235 West McMillan Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 784-0144

Mughal Grill

Adress: 9104 Cox Road, West Chester

Phone: (513) 759-0222

New Amber Resturant

Adress: 6 West Corry Street, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 751-4676

New York Style Pizza

Adress: 4929 Reading Rd, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 242-2444


Adress: 3566 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati

Phone: (513) 531-2999