Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC)


The Tours and Talks Program at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati attracts 4,000- 5,000 visitors to our Center every year. In addition, this program regularly sponsors several off-site workshops and discussions at schools, colleges, professional organizations, corporations, nonprofits, and special events. Open House tours of the Islamic Center are available on the first Saturday of the month. Customized tours are offered on other days by appointment and according to the particular needs of the visiting individuals or groups. We invite schools, religious and civic institutions and people of all faiths and backgrounds to learn the basics of Islam and explore the art and architecture of the Islamic Center.

If you are a school wanting to enhance your curriculum and understanding of Islam and Muslims, here are some special services available from our Tours and Talks program:

  • Staff a diversity or in-service program, with a presentation at your location covering basics of Islam, practices and misconceptions, and demographics of Muslims. We can also offer education guidelines and resources.
  • A tour and presentation to fit your curriculum needs in learning units such as diversity, major world religions, or world civilizations. Our tours can accommodate groups of 15 to 200 people.
  • We offer a one-day teacher workshop on “Teaching about Islam and the Muslim World.” Contact us for workshop schedule and details.

Our Tours & Talks program has received many accolades, letters of appreciation, and referrals. The ICGC continues to grow and customize the program for various touring groups and their particular needs. See below for information on reserving a tour or talk.


Guided tours are available for groups of 15 to 200 people; they are conducted Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Tours must be scheduled in advance. There is a $2.00 per person cost associated with the tours.

The ICGC also provides Open House tours one Saturday of each month called “Know Your Neighbor.” Tours generally last one hour and thirty minutes and include a walk through the Mosque and Educational Building.

When visiting the Center, we ask that women wear slacks or long skirts and long-sleeved shirts, and bring a scarf to cover their heads when entering the main Mosque. We also request men wear slacks and sleeved shirts.


Tour Request Form

Speaker Requests

We have a very active speaker program. ICGC receives many requests for talks from schools, universities, places of worship, law-enforcement centers, media groups, and nonprofit organizations. There is a $50 to $500 cost associated with educational lectures, professional workshops and diversity programs that is based on your organization type and number of attendees. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available for academic or nonprofit institutions.


Speaker Request Form

Links and Resources

As you plan a tour of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) or consider inviting one of our speakers to your facility, view the following links and additional resources to learn more about our programs:
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  • Outreach Education Program Brochure: This trifold brochure provides a brief community history, program specifics, scheduling information and basic Islamic terminology. Download
  • Ordering A Visit to a Mosque in America Video: This video, co-produced by the Islamic Center, has received national recognition and commendation. Download
  • School and Curriculum information: (note ING is a national partner for speaker and school resources. Clicking will take you outside of this website to ING,s website.


Muslim Mothers Against Violence

A group of Muslim women at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) have been making a remarkable difference in the community with one strong message of non-violence. With more than 100 “mothers” committed to its membership, Muslim Mothers Against Violence (MMAV) has declared a foremost obligation and responsibility of teaching and guiding children to be the best of Muslims and, thereby, the best human beings possible. MMAV actively promotes peace, tolerance and non-violence in local communities and throughout the world.

MMAV emphasizes that Islam values the sanctity of human life and considers attacks on innocent lives as inexcusable and contradictory to the teachings of Islam. The group was formed after the terrorist attacks in London in July 2005. Members of this group have pledged:

  • To unequivocally condemn all acts of terrorism and violence against innocent civilians.
  • To support educational, religious, social, and cultural opportunities that can promote and teach non-violent methods of resolving conflicts to our youth.
  • To reach out and collaborate with others of different faiths who have similar objectives.

Contact ICGC to learn more about Muslim Mothers Against Violence and express your support.