Understanding the Hadeeth (Sayings) of Prophet Muhammad) in the context of the Qur’an

Comments on the Play “Disgraced”

Charity or giving in the way of Allah

How our prayers improve our character and behavior

How to prevent our children from becoming terrorists


Lessons from Surat Ibrahim (Abraham) Chapter 14 of the Qur’an

The concept of charity in Islam

The Qur’an respects the human dignity of both men & women

The rights and duties of Husband and Wife

Safeguard Your Prayers in Ramadan

Lessons from the Khutba in the Farewell Pilgrimage

Qur’anic versus regarding Marriage

Safeguard your prayers in Ramadan and the importance of the Qur’an

Slavery is forbidden in Islam

What Christians & Jews should know about the Qur’an & Muhammad

What Does Muhammad represent to Muslims?

What is Taqwa (Righteousness)?

Charity or giving in the way of Allah

The concept of Da’Wa

Justice in Islam

We also have Sunday sessions and Friday Khutbahs on different topics. Click on the following for some of the most requested topics:

    1. Allah rewards us multiple times for our good deeds
    2. Do not look with envy towards those who were favored over you
    3. The Deeds most beloved to Allah
    4. What do we learn from the Pilgrimage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
    5. Characteristics of Faith & Belief
    6. The authenticity of the Qur’an
    7. Qur’anic concepts
    8. Patience in Islam
    9. Lessons from the Sunnah & seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    10. Family in Islam
    11. Moderation & avoiding extremes
    12. Avoid division and be united
    13. Misconceptions about freedom of thinking in Islam
    14. When religion turns violent
    15. Proper understanding of Islam
    16. Islam & Shari’a
    17. Proper reaction to misinformation about Islam
    18. Understanding the Seerah in the context of the Qur’an
    19. Similarities between the Bible & the Qur’an
    20. Jihad (Striving)
    21. The rights & obligation of Muslims towards each other
    22. Islamic beliefs & practices
    23. Work ethics
    24. Why do we give in charity?
    25. Put your Trust in Allah and Depend on Him
    26. Avoiding Domestic Violence
    27. Praising Allah
    28. Why some good people suffer
    29. Our responsibility of spreading useful knowledge 2017 BS Foad
    30. What do we learn from Prophet Ibrahim
    31. A Muslim does not wrong another Muslim
    32. Good deeds are multiplied and cancel out our bad deeds
    33. The Dua’a of prophet Muhammad in Ta’if
    34. The Sound judgment of Prophet Muhammad
    35. What have we learned from Ramadan 2018
    36. When you have a chance to do something good do it
    37. Who are Allah’s most gracious servants?
    38. Why do we pray?

Additional presentations available upon request